Build a smarter business. 

Our holistic approach to operational change balances strategic, value-driven insight with flexible and efficient implementation. 

We combine our objective recommendations with your organizational knowledge to design and deliver modern business models that simplify workflows, expedite operations, and streamline your path to the future. 

Objective. Collaborative. End-to-end.

Legacy processes and structures no longer work. Re-evaluate and reinvigorate your organization, operations, and processes.

Multidimensional and holistic, we design transformation to target the heart of inefficiency – not just change that band-aids the waste. And while our operational solutions maximize productivity and accelerate value on their own, they also align with and complement our cultural and digital offerings. Together, you can optimize process, people, and product – all at the same time.  

Design success. Optimize operations.
Reimagine work. 

Organizational Design

Define and refine your organizational structure to optimize your operations, capture stronger outcomes, and achieve sustained success. 

With Organizational Design, you identify and explore critical value streams to both create new efficiencies and improve ones that are already there. Then, we work with you to implement the opportunities you developed – driving end-to-end operational efficiency together. 

This holistic approach to organizational design combines streamlined functionality with a deep investment in your employees’ expertise and experience. With this dual focus on both productivity and people, you enhance your organizational capacity and completely transform how you do work. 

Project Portfolio Strategy and Optimization 

Pursue strategic value, maximize commitment, and re-invest in your strategy. 

By designing specific benchmarks and accountability systems in your value realization structure, you lay the foundation to model and measure the full extent of outcomes for each of your transformation projects. And with a holistic portfolio measuring diverse value streams, you generate a wide variety of inspiring “wins” that activate a cross-functional and committed innovation community. 

This balanced approach – maximizing structural value and generating excitement among employees – is a central component of our overall transformation philosophy. With Lumevity, you improve your bottom line and drive employee engagement at the same time. 

Operating and Process Model Design​

Streamline your workflow and activate your employees. 

With Operating and Process Model Design, you engage in a multi-dimensional investigation of your current state that combines our objective insight with your organizational expertise – you help us prioritize what matters most in your future state, and we help you get there.

Driving operational efficiency will create tangible business value on its own. But optimizing process models also frees employees to do their best work at the highest level – empowering them to lead further optimization, innovation, and change in the future. 

Post-merger Optimization 

Define and execute on a single vision for future stability and success. 

With Post-merger Optimization, you create strategic pathways for future success that save costs, streamline operations, and pursue your organization’s top priorities. And by focusing on human-centered frameworks like management deployment, organizational structure, and cultural cohesion, you lay the foundation for a post-merger landscape that activates your vision at every level of your organization.

This value-driven, human-centered approach to post-merger optimization blends the best of operational strategy and cultural activation.  

Build Capabilities

Internal Consulting Program Design and Stand-up

Take charge of your transformation. 

With Internal Consulting Program Design and Stand-Up, you build the capabilities you need to simplify work processes, expedite operations, and lead innovative change – long after we are gone. 

We guide and enable you to establish an internal capability that activates projects unique to your organizational needs and maturity. As your capability evolves, we proactively transition the work to you and your team. Then, after we leave, you have all the tools you need to accelerate productivity and optimize work. 

Build capabilities focused on:

  • Organizational Model, Operating Model,
    and Process Design
  • Project Portfolio​ Management
  • Post-merger Optimization
  • Agile Principles

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Optimize value.
Engage employees.

You can’t control market-level disruption, but you can control the level of disruption in your organization.

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