Re-engineer revenue cycles. Solve staffing challenges.

In a chaotic and ever-changing industry, focus on operational and administrative excellence to adapt, maintain resilience, and achieve sustained revenue growth.

Optimize revenue. Elevate care.

Revenue Cycle Automation 

The patient service revenue cycle is a complex process combining patient treatment, high-volume data collection and analysis, and granular post-treatment review.

With Revenue Cycle Automation, you use bots and advanced AI to simplify and optimize every stage of the journey, from reduced pre-arrival friction to quicker and more accurate final claim adjudication. 

For your employees, implementing digital solutions to automate repetitive tasks will decrease burnout and increase satisfaction, engagement, and overall productivity. 

Streamline processing, enhance the patient and employee experience, and optimize service revenue – at the same time. All with the power of automated processes. 

Revenue Cycle Automation Design and Model 

We help you build a rev cycle automation program to reduce costs, redeploy cash for growth, and liberate skilled resources and talent to operate at the top of their license. 

Case Studies

Lightbulb glowing in dark
Advanced Digital/AI

Saving $56M and enhancing integrated care with real-time automation

Machine learning predicts high-complexity patients and doubles diagnostic capacity

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Doctors talking to pharmaceutical sales representative, shaking hands.
Advanced Digital/AI

Generating $1.7M and optimizing risk coding with advanced AI

Natural language processing increases efficiency and activates employees

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Two business colleagues greeting with elbow in office. Business people bump elbows in office for greeting during covid-19 pandemic.

Enabling rapid response to health crisis with automated technology

Simple bot expedites COVID-related claims and elevates care

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Optimize value.
Engage employees.

You can’t control market-level disruption, but you can control the level of disruption in your organization.

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