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50–70% of new executives fail in their first year.1 Be one of the few who succeed. 

Navigating Executive Transition (NExT) is a personalized immersive experience dedicated to launching successful executive transitions. 

NExT is built for C-suite and executive leaders entering a new role, joining a new organization, preparing for expanding responsibilities, or creating a role for the future.  Workshops drive individual executive priorities and cultivate leader-organization alignment. 

You’ll integrate multidimensional research with personalized exploratory workshops to devise customized action plans that enhance an incoming executive’s leadership style and priorities. 

With milestone checkpoints and dedicated transition support throughout the journey, you’ll accelerate end-to-end success for incoming executives from their first 100 days all the way through their first year. 

Explore the ecosystem of your organization and discover your new executive niche. 

When leaders don’t have clear goals, the entire organization suffers.2

With NExT, participants balance their personal leadership priorities with the existing needs, expectations, and cultural orthodoxies of the organization at large. 

Investigating the transition journey through several unique perspectives, NExT workshops prepare executives to tactfully navigate their new stakeholder network, proactively calibrate the pace and sequence of activation, and efficiently pursue their strategic goals with the full commitment and engagement of their entire ecosystem. 

Shift your focus. Shape your future. Prepare for what’s NExT.


Productivity falters

Direct reports of leaders without clear goals perform 15% worse.


Engagement plummets

Direct reports of leaders without clear goals are 20% more likely to leave.

x1/2 – x2

Costs soar

Replacing an employee typically costs between 1/2 – 2 times their salary.

What executives are saying:

En-sure leadership success

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