Automate to add value. 

Our approach to automation combines digital optimization with human-centered design to accelerate process efficiency that frees employees to do the work only humans can do.

We help you design, drive, and deliver integrated technology solutions that reduce manual work, accelerate legacy processes, and restructure ways of working to liberate hours and achieve tangible outcomes.

Take the robot out of the human.

How you automate is just as important as what you automate, so we design our digital solutions with human-centered change to reduce fear, liberate employees, and activate commitment. 

Supported – not replaced – by the work of automated systems, your employees will have the capacity to pursue more rewarding work within their expertise. 

Together – optimizing processes and activating people – we help you free the resources you need to catapult your organization into the future. 

Digital Solutions

AI & Intelligent Automation 

Cultivate a seamless relationship between humans and technology. 

With AI & Intelligent Automation, you leverage advanced solutions like machine learning and natural language processing to generate high-level insights and cognitive solutions with minimal human intervention. And by strategically integrating AI systems into your ecosystem of human employees, you’ll maximize the value of digitally generated analysis with people-driven application. 

This approach to digital optimization blends the dispassionate precision and logical evolution of AI with the critical thinking and ingenuity of human analysts and innovators. Use it to springboard your organization into the future of technological growth and data-driven transformation. 

Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA)

Automate and simplify repetitive tasks. 

With Robotic Desktop Automation, you harness the power of simple bots to improve the speed and accuracy of previously manual operations and run back-office processes at full capacity year-round. At the same time, relegating granular and rules-based processes to RDA liberates human employees to focus on more meaningful work. 

RDA is closely tied to the daily work of front- to mid-line teams, and it presents a strategic opportunity to eliminate unnecessary processes while retaining the enthusiasm and commitment of your people. Implement holistic listening systems – such as ideation and employee journey mapping – to engage employees and identify opportunities for digital optimization. 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

Enhance connectivity and elevate community. 

With Robotic Process Automation, you execute high-volume, repetitive tasks across different digital platforms to minimize errors and maximize efficiencies. 

By increasing connectivity between separate technological systems, you also increase connectivity between separate departments and teams – cultivating a closer, more strategically aligned organization. 

Process and Task Mining 

Identify opportunities for automation and efficiency.

With employee knowledge and support, you install desktop sensors to map work processes as they occur and target handoffs with unrealized efficiencies. 

Then, you can utilize other digital solutions – such as AI, RPA, or RDA – to enable new ways of working, reduce cycle time, and activate employees to work at the top of their expertise. 

Create a center of excellence.

Automation Program Design and Stand-up

Take charge of your own transformation. 

With Automation Program Design and Stand-up, you build an organizational hub for proven tech stacks, governance, and talent. 

We work closely with you to select tools and develop programs unique to your organizational needs and maturity. As your center of excellence evolves, we proactively transition the work to you and your team. Then, after we leave, you have all the resources you need to leverage your collective learnings and successfully drive long-term, sustained outcomes.

Build capabilities focused on:

  • AI/Intelligent Automation
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Robotic Desktop Automation​
  • Machine Learning
  • Process and Task Mining
  • Data and Analytics

Case Studies

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Advanced Digital/AI

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Optimize value.
Engage employees.

You can’t control market-level disruption, but you can control the level of disruption in your organization.

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