Ideation adds value to your business and engages employees. 

Ideation is a scalable program, process, and/or capability designed to develop ideas and solutions that drive direct financial value, improve culture, and build a more committed workforce across the organization. 

The what of ideation is closely linked to the whywhen you think of ideation through the lenses of different roles within the organization, its purpose broadens considerably. 

When organizations embrace ideation, they create opportunities to solve pressing business problems, activate the collective knowledge of the workforce, and build a stronger and more collaborative culture. 

You can use ideation to identify:

  • Opportunities for cost savings and competitiveness
  • New sources of revenue, customer segments, or business models
  • Ways to work more efficiently
  • Applications for new technologies
  • Opportunities for automation
  • Methods to improve cross-functional collaboration
  • Health and safety initiatives to share across teams
  • And more

When you ideate successfully, you’ll benefit from our dual commitment to value realization and change activation. 

Successful ideation produces two key outcomes. First, it engages employees directly in the innovation process – regardless of the magnitude of the initiative. By giving employees a voice, organizations don’t just drive engagement. They open the door to more diverse and more effective ideas through the collective intelligence of their participants. 

Second, ideation focuses on solving clear business problems and identifying opportunities. By tracking progress on idea implementation and measuring the pull-through of those solutions, properly designed ideation drives tangible and strategic value for an organization. 

Together, these cultural and financial outcomes create a sustainable practice that fuels innovation across the organization.

Our ideation solutions

Ideation events leverage the collective intelligence of your organization to discover opportunities for strategic change and drive direct business value. 

Using our technology platforms or yours, the Lumevity team will help you design, develop, facilitate, and execute: 

Ideation workshops

Workshops are intimate and take place in real time. They cultivate an energy of immediate collaboration – people generate new ideas, work together to improve them, and determine next-step actions in the moment.

  • Small groups (<15)
  • Live, virtual, hybrid
  • Synchronous
  • 1 hour to 1 day
  • Internal or external participants

Ideation challenges

Challenges provide participants with more opportunity to reflect on and respond to the posed question. While there are important time constraints to ensure the process moves forward, challenges can take anywhere from two hours to two months – or even longer if needed. 

Challenges also allow for an unlimited number of participants, which expands the diversity and ingenuity of ideas. And technology can play an integral role in socializing content, validating top ideas from the crowd, and prioritizing the best ideas for action.

  • Groups of any size
  • Live, virtual, hybrid
  • Synchronous or asynchronous
  • 2 hours to 2 months, or longer if needed
  • Internal or external participants

Your ideation capability

One-off ideation events meet immediate needs. But you can do so much more with a sustained ideation capability. 

A sustained ideation capability isn’t just an extended series of independent workshops and challenges. It’s a larger commitment to collaboration, innovation, and co-creative change. When you build sustained ideation into your organization’s growth strategy, you’ll be able to harness the diverse knowledge, experiences, and perspectives of your entire workforce to drive better outcomes long-term. And by cultivating co-creative mindsets and behaviors throughout your organization, sustained ideation strengthens employee satisfaction, deepens engagement, and solidifies commitment to future innovation. 

Wherever you are in your ideation journey, Lumevity can help you build a sustained ideation capability by targeting:

  • Organizational readiness for ideation
  • Program strategy and executive alignment
  • Program structure and governance
  • Program and initiative sponsorship 
  • Ideation methods and approaches
  • Tool and toolkit development
  • Engagement strategy 
  • Value modeling, tracking, and measuring

Prepare for success

Organizational readiness for ideation

Ideation programs come and go – much more often than they should. Why? 

It isn’t difficult to rally people around a single ideation event – most leaders and sponsors recognize the benefits to a one-off workshop or challenge. But the co-creative nature of ideation constitutes a substantial change to most organizational mindsets and behaviors, and building a sustained program takes purposeful planning and intentional activation. 

With our organizational readiness framework for ideation, we’ll help you consider and prepare for change at the organizational, program, and role-based levels. 

When you intentionally develop an ideation program with your unique organizational readiness in mind, you’ll optimize the success of present opportunities and lay the foundation for sustained innovation in the future.  

Our survey-based self-assessment is an efficient and effective way of understanding where you are today and how you can broaden the scope and increase the impact of your program tomorrow. 

Increase and accelerate the impact of your ideation program

Ideation programs are becoming increasingly common in organizations around the world – some have had them in place for over a decade. 

But longevity doesn’t equal maturity, and many sponsors struggle to evaluate their program, compare it to its stated objectives, or benchmark it against the programs of other organizations.

Lumevity’s Ideation Program Assessment helps program owners identify areas of relative strength and opportunities for improvement across 27 topics within three key themes: Program, Practice, and People. 


Growing a sustainable program aligned to business objectives across the organization


Delivering ideation services effectively to create measurable value for the organization


Influencing the beliefs, behaviors, and mindsets of employees throughout the organization

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