Balance the art and science of cultural change. 

Our unique approach to change integrates flexible design thinking with a methodology proven to get results. 

We combine our expertise and experience with your organizational knowledge to design, drive, and deliver a customized engagement journey that activates change at the human level and drives business value at the same time. 

Explore your ecosystem. Activate your community.

Leverage powerful stories to cultivate community, build commitment to change, and activate the future of your organization.

We design a diverse value portfolio to align your change journey with broader organizational goals, maximize project outcomes, and re-invest in your future. 

Together, with strategy and story, we see you through the “last mile” of change – and beyond. 

Do change with people. Not to them.

Change Readiness and Adoption

Design and deliver human and operational change with flexibility, innovation, and inclusion.

With Change Readiness and Adoption, you activate the people involved in change through design thinking and powerful storytelling. At the same time, we use proven methodologies and tactical value realization strategies to maximize efficiency and realize a dynamic portfolio of financial, operational, and cultural outcomes.

This unique and multi-faceted approach to change is the backbone of any transformation initiative. From op models to ideation, Change Readiness and Adoption will help you design the course of readiness, create alignment, generate value, and scale success.

Ideation Solutions

Co-create ideas, identify solutions, and harness the wisdom of your employees. 

With Ideation, you’ll engage your team on topics and problems that matter, helping you develop a powerful culture of co-creation, curiosity, and collaboration. And by soliciting the solutions of those closest to the work, you also drive increased efficiency and direct financial value from the innovative ideas, cost-saving initiatives, and productivity enhancements they share.

Both customer-focused and value-driven, Ideation Solutions embodies Lumevity’s holistic and integrated approach to change. Use this capability to empower your workforce, cultivate community, and springboard into the next stage of your transformation journey.

Executive Transition

Navigating Executive Transitions (NExT) is a personalized immersive experience focused on launching successful executive transitions. 

After reviewing a multidimensional scan of their new environment, the leader will craft a strategic, action-oriented transition plan that calibrates their style and priorities with the requirements of their new role. Then, as they activate their timeline, the leader benefits from end-to-end partnership, checkpoints, and continual transition support – from the first 100 days through the end of their first year. 

Strong leadership starts with a strong transition. Whether entering a new role, creating a new one, or getting ready for a new leader to join the team, you need an efficient and objective transition strategy to shift your focus, shape your future, and set the tone for success.    

Employee Activation Design

Drive organizational change through your most valuable assets – your employees. 

By constructing human-centered employee personas, you explore the full breadth of your employees’ cultural landscape. With inspiring content and communications, instructive opportunities for upskilling and learning, and a strategic timeline with readiness touchpoints, you help activate your employees’ mindsets and behaviors for sustained change. 

All change happens through people. Empowering your employees and optimizing their transformation experience will set the stage for a more engaged, efficient, and outcomes-oriented future state. 

Tell your story. Cultivate your community. Shape your future.  

Capability Building

Cultural Program Design and Stand-Up

Take charge of your transformation.

With Cultural Program Design and Stand-Up, you’ll build the capabilities you need to catalyze independent, self-sustaining change activation at scale – long after we’re gone. 

In the beginning, we work closely with you to design customized capabilities uniquely suited to your organizational needs and maturity. As your capabilities evolve, we proactively transition the work to you and your team. After we leave, you have all the tools you need to activate your community and supercharge your organization. 

Build capabilities focused on:

  • Change Readiness and Adoption
  • Ideation
  • Employee Activation

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Optimize value.
Engage employees.

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