Reducing hours to seconds and augmenting human  work

Robotic desktop automation creates folders for biweekly payroll processing

Project Summary

Client: One of the largest integrated health care delivery and financing systems in America.

Challenge: Cumbersome and manual payroll processing operation robbed payroll team of valuable time and delayed employee compensation.

Solution: Launch robotic desktop automation to assist with manual work.

Results: Automated workflow, expedited payroll processing, two hours of manual work saved each week.


Every two weeks, the client’s payroll team manually created an extensive network folder structure to prepare for payroll processing. To do this, they personally created 190 folders to store payroll-related files, named those folders according to the payroll software’s specific naming conventions, and saved four Excel templates into each folder. From end to end, the process took at least two hours to complete.

Menial, granular, and far below the payroll team’s credentials, this manual system of processing payroll carried high potential for human error and risked low employee engagement from such a mundane task. Even worse, the process was so specific and cumbersome that only one payroll specialist knew exactly how to complete it – if that specialist was unavailable for any reason, the whole process stalled, and the entire enterprise saw a delay in employee compensation. 

Clearly, the payroll team needed a new, more efficient way to process payroll – something more accurate, more streamlined, and preferably something that didn’t depend on one employee performing rote functions by hand.


Lumevity worked with the payroll team to build a Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA) system that replicated the manual folder creation process. RDA is a form of assistive automation – sitting on a user’s desktop and requiring human interaction to execute, the technology performs rote and repetitive tasks for human employees to augment with more complex work or subjective decision-making.

At the click of a button, any payroll employee can kickstart the automated technology.  Once activated, Lumevity’s RDA system creates 190 folders, names each folder according to specific date parameters, and adds the required Excel templates to each folder – all in under 30 seconds.

Simply put: the new RDA system is more efficient, more accurate, and more engaging than the previous process.


This collaboration between Lumevity and the client’s payroll processing team highlights one of Lumevity’s core commitments: automation isn’t about eliminating jobs – it’s about augmenting them. When the RDA system automated the process of creating the payroll file network, it didn’t remove the need for the human employees themselves. Rather, it removed the need for human employees to perform that particular function. Freed from the drudgery of rote and repetitive labor, the payroll employees now have the time and space to pursue more subjective and complicated work within their expertise – supported, not replaced, by the work of automated systems.

<30 Seconds to complete

The RDA system is 240 times faster than the old system. Now, instead of waiting for one payroll specialist to complete two hours of menial work every two weeks, the process is completed in 30 seconds.

Reduced errors

Programmed to create and name the folders based on a series of specific and consistent parameters, the system completes the network structure without risk of error, leading to timely and accurate processing of payroll.

Increased satisfaction

With the RDA system performing the mundane and repetitive tasks, the human employees are free to focus on more complex and interesting work.

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