Catalyzing $1B and activating an  enterprise

Holistic transformation program puts innovation to work

The team behind a radical transformation program at one of the largest integrated health care delivery and financing systems in America talks with Catalant CEO Pat Petitti about finding innovative ways to build cultures and capabilities that enable ongoing business transformation. 

Larry Kleinman – Co-founder of Lumevity and Board Chair

Marcus Johnson –  Co-founder of Lumevity and Head of Sales and Delivery  

Deborah Rice-Johnson – President of Highmark, Inc.

Watch the full webcast or skip to a section below.

Part 1 – Introducing Lumevity

Part 2 – Approaching organization transformation

Part 3 – Launching a successful transformation

Part 4 – Experiencing early success

Part 5 – Leading large-scale transformation

Part 6- Measuring impact

Part 7 – Translating work across industries

Part 8 – Learning key lessons

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