Do you have it in you? Lumevity is…


We do the hard things. We set big goals and surpass them.

Our mission is to help our clients realize theirs. We focus on: 

  • Bringing creative, emerging, and market-driven approaches to our clients and our work
  • Enabling clients and meeting them where they are
  • Helping our clients build and evolve capabilities so they can realize their full potential 


We integrate a growth mindset with a commitment to delivering tangible value.  We take care to build harmony in every aspect of our work.

Our holistic approach continuously unites: 

  • Art and science
  • Divergent exploration and convergent implementation 
  • Established expertise and insatiable curiosity 
  • Forward-thinking drive and insightful reflection
  • Short-term wins and long-term evolution 


We collaborate. We believe in diversity of thought and value each other’s thinking.

Our dynamic team environment:

  • Embraces curiosity, innovation, determination, and diversity in all dimensions
  • Facilitates independence in project execution and working norms
  • Fosters a team ethos, with active sharing of approaches, best practices, and challenges across projects and capabilities
  • Prizes authenticity and delivering our vision in rational, effective ways – within our teams, with our clients, and with all partners and stakeholders. 


We think big. We take a panoramic view of getting work done. 

Our work-as-you-work-best philosophy:

  • Allows you to decide where, when, and how you contribute best
  • Enables us to engage the best talent – whenever and wherever they are
  • Fosters high-quality interactions with digital and virtual tools 

Want to join our team?

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