Cultivate commitment to change.

Transformation work is only as good as the value you gain and the people you engage.  

While your competitors are focused on taking out costs or driving cultural change, you could be doing both.

With Lumevity, you combine value realization and change activation to optimize every stage of your change journey.

We use real-time feedback and iteration to accelerate work with you.

We involve people in change with you to create a future employees will want to embrace.

We feed on and value contributions that spark ideas and move you closer to your goals.

We accelerate change with you by steadily widening the circle of people involved.

Value Realization

Track outcomes. Fund your strategy.

Whether you need your company to innovate incrementally or completely transform, you can only improve what you measure –  and you can only measure what you model. 

How you think about, discuss, prioritize, and measure value directly impacts your ability to realize short-term wins and fund long-term change. 

Wherever you are in your transformation journey, you need to develop a unified and strategic value realization system.

When paired with a structure for change activation, value realization augments socialization and engagement with discipline and accountability – turning small, incremental wins into significant, long-term results.

Change Activation

Energize employees. Activate strategic change.

Change doesn’t happen in the heads of executive leaders. It happens in the hearts and hands of employees.  

The process of activating change energizes employees to align with strategic direction and drive action. It’s the engine that transforms strategy into results.   

Change activation optimizes individual project outcomes and amplifies organizational success, cultivating a cross-functional change community dedicated to sustained transformation efforts.  

This is possible because change activation directly engages the people closest to the work, involving them and their expertise in the quest to move the organization forward.  

Change readiness and adoption
Human-centered design
Ideation solutions

Structure your community. Socialize value. 

On their own, value realization and change activation achieve substantial outcomes. Together, they have the power to enhance your transformation beyond what you thought was possible. 

Reinforce an aspirational vision with clear priorities and tactical alignment to build trust and accelerate engagement. 

Integrate bottom-up employee engagement with top-down leader accountability to cultivate commitment to change.

Optimize value.
Engage employees.

You can’t control market-level disruption, but you can control the level of disruption in your organization.

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